Item 1: Dress Code Leotards
Female students in Ballet I through Ballet VI are required to wear a specific color leotard as follows:

Ballet I & Ballet I Intermediate: Pale Pink

Ballet II: Lavender (Light Purple)

Ballet III: Light Blue

Ballet IV: Mulberry (fuchsia, dark pink)

Ballet V: Plum or Orchid (Dark Purple)

Ballet VI: Black, Navy, or French Blue

Leotards may be any brand and any style, as long as they are the correct color for the student’s class level. We have an online storefront where students can order approved CAB Dress Code Leotards:

Corvallis Academy of Ballet receives a commission for any items that are purchased from this site.

Male students are required to wear a black, white, or gray tshirt (short or long sleeve), or a tank top with their tights. Older boys and men must wear a dance belt under their tights; we recommend a snug-fitting tshirt with an attached dance belt for a streamlined look.

Item 2: CAB does NOT require its students to purchase a specific brand or style of ballet slippers, pointe shoes, or tights.

Female students are encouraged to wear ballet tights, slippers, and pointe shoes that match their skin tone. The following brands are currently, or will soon be, manufacturing ballet shoes and apparel that match diverse skin tones: Bloch, Capezio, Freed, Gaynor Minden, and Russian Pointe. The default color for ballet tights, slippers, and pointe shoes for female students is pale pink, sometimes known as theatrical pink.

*Female students in Ballet II, III, and IV are required to sew ribbons onto their ballet slippers, in preparation for pre pointe and pointe work. The ribbons should match the color of the dancer’s ballet slippers and tights.

Male students are encouraged to wear ballet tights, slippers, and (if applicable) pointe shoes that match their skin tone; or they may choose to wear black, white, or gray ballet tights, slippers, and pointe shoes. Tights and ballet slippers or pointe shoes should all be the same color (black tights with black shoes, etc.)

Item 3: Pointe Shoes
Choosing a brand and style of pointe shoe is far too personal a decision for any CAB teacher to dictate which brand and style of pointe shoes a student may or may not wear. That being said, Beginner and Intermediate Pointe students in Ballet IV and V are NOT allowed to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, as these shoes are specifically designed for pre-professional and professional-level dancers and are not suitable for less-experienced pointe students. Other than that, there are literally hundreds of brands and styles of pointe shoes currently available, and the best way for our pointe students to find the best pointe shoes for them to wear is to try several different brands and styles, and to have a pointe shoe fitting done by different salespeople, at different dancewear retailers, especially during the first 3-4 years after pointe work has begun.

When a CAB student is fitted for ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes by someone other than a CAB faculty member, which is typically the case, CAB students are strongly encouraged to model their new dance shoes for their teacher BEFORE sewing on elastics and/or ribbons and before wearing them. This way, if the teacher is unsatisfied with the way a shoe fits the student’s foot, the student can still exchange the shoe for a different size or brand, if needed, without wasting any of their money or their parents’ money.