Dress Code –

Ballet –

Ladies: Uniform-color leotard for your level (Ballet I-VI), footed or convertible foot tights and ballet slippers that match your skin tone; default color is theatrical pink for tights and ballet slippers.

Gentlemen : White, black, or gray T-shirt (long sleeve, short sleeve, or tank); black, gray, or white tights or shorts; black, gray, or white ballet slippers. Or wear tights and ballet slippers that match your skin tone.Teens and adult men should wear a dance belt; we recommend a snug-fitting dance shirt with an attached dance belt for a streamlined look.

Uniform Leotards:
Ballet I & Ballet I Intermediate: Pale/Light Pink leotard (any style)
Ballet II: Lilac/Lavender leotard (any style)
Ballet III: Pale/Light Blue leotard (any style)
Ballet IV: Mulberry/Fuchsia leotard (any style)
Ballet V: Plum/Orchid/Dark Purple leotard (any style)
Ballet VI: Black/Navy/French Blue leotard (any style)

CAB Dress Code approved leotards may be purchased from our online storefront:


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CAB does not require its students to purchase a specific brand of tights. Either full-footed or convertible-foot tights are acceptable–pointe students should wear convertible-foot tights. No footless tights. Undergarments should not be visible.


CAB does not require its students to purchase a specific brand of ballet slippers. Female students in Ballet II-IV are required to sew ribbons on their ballet slippers, in preparation for pre pointe and pointe work. The ribbons should match the color of the dancer’s ballet slippers and tights.

Pointe Shoes:

Choosing a brand and style of pointe shoe is far too personal a decision for any CAB teacher to dictate which brand and style a student may or may not wear. That being said, Beginner and Intermediate Pointe students in Ballet IV and V are NOT allowed to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes–these shoes are specifically designed for pre-professional and professional-level dancers and are not suitable for less-experienced pointe students. Other than that, there are hundreds of brands and styles of pointe shoes currently available. The best way for our students to find the right pointe shoes is to try many different brands and styles–always being professionally fit. Being fit by different salespeople at different dancewear retailers will offer the student the most options. Finding the right pair of shoes is a process that can take several years and many pairs of shoes.

When a CAB student is fitted for ballet slippers or pointe shoes by someone other than a CAB faculty member, students are strongly encouraged to model their new dance shoes for their teacher BEFORE sewing on elastics and/or ribbons and before wearing them. This way, if the teacher is unsatisfied with the way a shoe fits the student’s foot, the student can still exchange the shoe for a different size or brand, if needed.

Hair And Jewelry:

Hair should have the appearance of the classical dancer. Long hair should be worn in a bun pulled back off the face, including bangs. Bun covers, ribbons, and other decorative hair accessories are welcome for class use only. Short hair should be pulled or pinned back off the face, including bangs. For CAB photo sessions and performances, all dancers are required to have proper hair and make-up, following the specifications of their teacher/choreographer.

Jewelry should be small & tasteful, and kept to a minimum. For safety reasons, dancers should NEVER wear necklaces, bracelets, watches, large rings, and large (particularly hoop) earrings to any class at the academy.

Creative Movement –

Girls: Any color leotard or dance dress, tights and ballet slippers that match the student’s skin tone, or go with the default color of pink tights and pink ballet slippers. No separate skirts or tutus, please.

Boys: Any solid color T-shirt & snug-fitting shorts; black ballet slippers

Preballet I & II –

Girls: black or pink leotard or dance dress; tights and ballet slippers that match the student’s skin tone, or go with the default color of pink full-footed tights; pink ballet slippers. No separate skirts or tutus, please.

Boys: white, black, or gray snug-fitting t-shirt; black tights, leggings, or shorts; black ballet slippers.

Character Dance –

Ladies: Black or dress code color leotard (any style) & pink or skin tone tights, plus a black full circle skirt, slightly below the knee. Black character shoes, with 1½ inch heel.

Gentlemen: Ballet attire, plus jazz or character dance shoes with 1 inch heel.

Chinese Dance & Modern Dance –

Ladies: Uniform leotard or a black leotard (any style); black or skin tone tights, dance leggings or dance shorts; NO t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, skirts, legwarmers, etc.

Gentlemen: White, gray, or black dance shirt, grey or black tights, dance leggings, or dance shorts, with a dance belt; NO baggy t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, legwarmers, etc.

Adult Ballet: Snug-fitting athletic wear, or traditional ballet attire, plus ballet slippers or jazz shoes.


Attendance –

Classes begin promptly. Consequently, students should be dressed and physically, as well as mentally prepared, prior to the start of their class. If the previous class is still in session, please be respectful of the teacher and other CAB students, and wait quietly in the hallway or dressing rooms until the instructor is ready to receive the next class.

Students should be picked up promptly after their classes are dismissed. For the safety of all students, no student will be allowed to leave the building without adult supervision. Please do not instruct your child to wait outside the building for you, but come into the building and escort your child to your car.

Observation Week –

Parents and friends are welcome to observe classes during designated Observation Weeks. Please watch for notices regarding observation weeks at the studio. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to demonstrate what they have learned during our academic year, and parents are strongly encouraged to take every opportunity made available to them to observe their child in the ballet classroom.

Be Respectful –

Please respect all CAB instructors and students. This respectful manner can be accomplished by being on time for your classes, waiting quietly in the hallway and dressing rooms before your class starts, and coming to every class physically and mentally prepared to try your hardest and dance to the best of your abilities… and then beyond. Corvallis Academy of Ballet will not tolerate foul language, abusive tones, rude or insolent behavior, and bullying.  Visitors and guests who exhibit this sort of behavior will be told to leave immediately. CAB students who exhibit this sort of behavior will face possible suspension or even expulsion, depending on the severity of the behavior.

Special Note –

Classical ballet is a highly disciplined art form that is hundreds of years old and is deeply respected around the world. Young students should be aware that manners, punctuality, modesty, and personal grooming are all integral parts of any art or sport, and that these attributes are always expected of dancers at Corvallis Academy of Ballet. The grace, poise and self discipline that students learn from ballet has positive effects upon every aspect of their lives and their future endeavors. Corvallis Academy of Ballet respects the students and their desire to learn the beauty and discipline of ballet. We ask that the dancers respect the school, their instructors, and their fellow students, by following the rules and etiquette expectations of the academy.